Newsletter #81 – FLOWER SHOOT

Anyone got 50p for the meter? We started with a flower power cut and so with some moving of tables, we were able to use the abundance of daylight and battery lights to get set-up safely. By all pulling together and staying calm, the night was a great success, thanks to everyone.

We started with the introduction of the suggestion box. This will work alongside the Newsletter feedback request, and Ken our Liaison Officer. So feel free to fill in a suggestion slip and put it in the envelope provided in the Suggestion box.

Sharon also announced that she would be stepping down as club Secretary, having made the decision some time ago. She has agreed to stay on to support the new committee whilst a replacement is found and to train them up ready for year 3 in September. Sharon has done so many good things for the club, and I for one will miss working with her. Anyone interested in the role as club Secretary, please make yourself known.

Others who work hard behind the scenes are John and Marian, who filled the hall some wonderfully interesting flower set-ups, giving us ample scope for imagination.

Some members ventured outside and took advantage of the good light quality, which is where I met Thomas Macrae who was on his first visit to our club. He got straight in to the swing of things by giving advice and asking for assistance when needed, which is exactly what we are about. He even had a go experimenting with Mo’s Table.

A massive thank you to Annie, Hiro, Martin Hampson, Mike Basham, Phill Grant, Ray Par, Barry Clark, Richard Selway, Roger Hill, Sheila Dwyer, and newcomer Thomas Macrae for sending in images to this week’s Newsletter. I know Ian was overwhelmed with so many great images to choose from. Well done all, keep them coming!