Newsletter #82 – CRITIQUE NIGHT

The evening started by highlighting last week’s newsletter. The quality and amount of images sent in was higher than ever; both for the newsletter and Mo’s Table. I have had so many good comments about it so well done to all!

We discussed the Speedway opportunity but didn’t get enough members to make that happen but well done Colin Gitsham for sorting it all out. As we have no official summer programme this year, we are keen to promote any activity that is of photographic interest, especially if you are arranging something over the summer break. So please contact Ian ASAP if you have any plans so he can mention it in our last newsletter this season. Brian Bateman put on an AV presentation he had done that took us through the exciting grounds and caves at Banwell. To book a place, or find or more, contact Brian Bateman direct on 01278 422804 as this is not a club event. Thanks Brian for the time, thought and effort you have put in to this project.

The critique started with a few tips on what to look for in an image, and how to improve it in camera, or via editing in post-production. We introduced the ‘Going, going, gone’ as a way to indicate that with no more comments we would move on. Several of you said you liked it so thanks for that feedback. I was pleased that the comments had a stronger photographic element to them proving that we are all learning how better to SEE photographs and how they ‘work’ or ‘don’t work’. It’s a fundamental part of learning, being able to discuss and comment on others work, AND get constructive feedback on yours.

We had one technical problem – wherever I stood, members claimed not to be able to see the huge screen past me. I will be working with my Personal Trainer to try to rectify this problem.

Please remember next we are at a club visit to Cannington Walled Gardens starting at 6.00pm, so earlier than usual. Then the following week is the light hearted Awards Night to mark the end of Year 2. Like last year, we ask you to bring some food in to share for the buffet.

Special thanks to Peter Duce for the great B&W images in this weeks club pictures.