Newsletter #84 – THE AWARDS NIGHT 2016


In the last newsletter a couple weeks ago, I said that we wanted to end the season on a high, and give you something to look forward to next season. From your comments, we have done this with flying colours. This wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of many of you, our members, so I’d like to first say THANK YOU to all who made this the Awards Night possible and I hope you can see how worthwhile the whole event was. The hall had a makeover including Disco Lights and carefully arrange tables to give you that Awards Night feel….. ish

We had several tables full with an assortment of food and drinks, all brought in by you the members, and what a spread again. Clearly the days of sausage rolls only have gone.

The only thing that stopped me eating more was the safety of the members sat near the front as my shirt buttons were literally hanging on by a thread.

Mind those fingers Brian!

Ken introduced the ‘Carol Wewerka Award’ cup that will be presented each year going forward. This award is of-course in memory of our much loved and dearly missed member, and wife to Ken, Carol Wewerka, who passed back in April of this year.

Carol loved to travel the world so it only seems fitting that the first theme for this awards will be ‘Landscape and Travel Photography’. You, the membership, will vote on the winner in next years Awards Night along with picking a new theme for the following year. I can’t think of any better tribute to honour and remember such a wonderful woman, and valued member of our club.

James wasn’t about to let the Awards Night get in the way of listening to the football…

There was so much excitement that Phillip even had to plug Patsie in to the mains to recharge her…

Plenty of mug shots where taken….

The awards presentation was delayed a little with a technical hitch but the food kept us all happy. It was all worth it in the end as we were all WOW’ed by the presentation.

So many of you told me how amazed you were by it, and for those of you who couldn’t attend, Ian has told me he is putting a link to the video further down in this Newsletter. But don’t tell him that I missed most of it myself, only I had my back to the screen most of the night, but seeing your faces told me the whole story, and the mix of SERIOUS, FUNNY and DEDICATION awards all went down well.

So who won what……



In at the Deep End
Shaun Regan

Behind the Scenes
John & Marian Saunders

Exceptional Presentation
Peter Duce

Exceptional Presentation
Duncan MacGregor

Exceptional Presentation
Tom Hurst

Exceptional Speaker
Ken Wewerka

Most Promising Newcomer
Natalie Lawrence

Outstanding Catering Services
James Matthews

Most International Member
Lance Mills

Loyalty Award
Roger Hill


Biggest Table
Mo Hunt

Least Mobile Mobile-Home
Mike Basham

Best Knitted Camera
Hiro Sakurai

Most Reproductive in an Evening
Dave Bawden

Most Unfortunate Gift
Barry Clark

Most Romantic Couple
Patsie & Phillip Rennie


Brian Comer

Graham Shaw

Dave Bawden

Sharon Stevens

Well done and thanks to all of you who helped make this club what it is today. Special thanks to Peter Duce for taking the official pictures, and Brian Bateman for sending in some more.

Any uncollected awards will be in my shop, ready to pick up, but be quick as I might sell them 🙂

Don’t forget to USE YOUR CAMERAS during the summer break, and keep in mind the theme of ‘Landscape and Travel’ for next years Awards Night where you could be the first ever to win the ‘Carol Wewerka Award.’

ENJOY your summer and we look forward to seeing you in the new year. A Newsletter will go out with all details of our return on August 31st.

Ian has added a link to this years Awards Video below so make sure you check it out. Until year 3….. Happy Snapping!