After last week’s challenging EGM & Constitution, it was good to get back in the swing of things, and no better than an evening highlighting ‘movement’. It was great to see so many of you in attendance and the membership got off to a very healthy start.

My Fuji camera was the “spotlight” item, where I pointed out the joy I get when using a camera with a shutter speed dial and an aperture ring. I was happy to pass it around and many of you liked it too. Anyone wanting to do a ‘spotlight’ session, please let me know.

Bill Aven (WCPF Vice Chairman) gave us an insight in to the WCPF, with whom we are affiliated. He explained how they can link us to other Clubs and benefit from the vast experience that is on hand for both you as members, and the Club.

Competitions are an important part of many photographers’ lives so it was good to hear how we can to take advantage of these. Next week there will be a chance for those of you who want to find out more about these and other similar opportunities.

Bill then kindly showed us some of his prints and gave an insight in how he got the final result. It was a pleasure to see someone who enjoys photography and sharing it. Well done Bill keep up the good work.

The next part of the evening took us through ways to create ‘movement’ in our images, and there were some sample images that demonstrated ways to add or freeze movement. Then there was a chance to try some out, and the buzz and friendly spirit was over flowing. I hope you will take the time to try some of the effects like ‘multiple exposure’, ‘second curtain sync’ and ‘strobe flash’.

Thank you to everyone who gave a hand behind the scene. Thanks to Gorge Pope who covered the images for the evenings Newsletter. We need one of you to cover next weeks, if anyone wishes to volunteer?