Yet again, it was great to see some new faces, and I hope they felt at home in our Club. We had a lot on, and events were dealt with in a slightly different way, which from your feedback, seems to have gotten the thumbs up.

As mentioned, the sudden news about the building work at the Club house starting sooner than expected will mean some slight changes to the programme hence why the printed version is being held back until we know what’s what. You will all be notified as soon as everything is confirmed.

I pointed out that I am actively looking at with the WCPF at ways to allow our members who belong to other club’s affiliated to the WCPF the freedom to enter work through more than one club, and again, I will keep you updated on this.

In the Spotlight this week was Mike Basham (from Newport) who enlightened us with some workman’s LED spotlights which brightened up the evening when he revealed that these low wattage and low heat generating lights cost just a few pounds, making them both very cheap AND effective.

This was followed by a short demonstration on basic image editing, with the aim of taking the fear factor out of what is often assumed to be a daunting process. We showed how quick, simple and fun editing can be, and how it can give you that ‘WOW’ factor to an otherwise dull image. It should be noted that with more up-to-date software, this can be done more effectively.

As requested, many of you did bring your laptops in, and gave valuable assistance to other members. I would like to thank all who did, as this was a new venture and it went down very well.

Whilst this was going on, you had the chance to use a studio setup for portraits, or a still life setup which had a guest appearance by Basil Brush.

We would like to thank Basil Brush for taking time out from his busy schedule of running in local hunts. Also, special thanks to Brian Bateman, who is also bright eyed and bushy tailed, for his help with this week.

As if this wasn’t enough, we had Sharon on hand to give advice on competition entries, so thanks to Sharon for that.

James pulled of a first by taking the newsletter photos on his iPhone. Well done! Also, it was good to see we had more members sending in images this week, the more the better.

We need a photographer to cover next week’s event, so if you are willing to give it a go, let me know.

Thanks again everyone for a great night and thanks to James Matthews for this weeks club shots along with loads extra sent in by Dennis Waters, George Pope, Hiro, John Saunders, Marian Saunders, Les Parsons, Mo, Ray Parr and Rob Roberts. Great to see so many images this week.