Last week we had Mike Birbeck, who is a well-known and highly respected person in the camera club world. This was clearly evident from his presentation and quality prints. It is a joy to see great photographs that are printed well AND presented well.


I liked the mix of textures he achieved from the different Fotospeed papers. He covered understanding your camera settings and even how to get the best image to work from.


Next Mike went through how to set up your computer and screen so you have the truest representation of the colours and a print to match. Even when he covered things like RAW processing and profiles, he did it in a clear way that had you all engrossed.


At one point I felt we were at a Star Trek convention an image of Mike’s motor-trike appeared on screen. Shame Phil Grant missed it.



Lawrence and Janet were certainly having a good time.


For the first time we had a small ‘Mo’s Table’ on a visiting lecturer evening but we made absolutely sure that this did not detract from the rest of the evening. Hopefully we can continue this in the future.


Mike and Jillian put on an amazing show so once again, a big thanks to them and we hope you both got back in time to finish your packing and will enjoy your holiday.



In other News…. I just had to get this cup for Mo who prides himself on having the BIGGEST! He received it to the loudest roar of cheers and clapping I’ve ever heard at the club.



Also…. Sedgemoor Camera Club got a full page article in the Bridgwater Mercury, covering our ‘Bridgwater at Night’ event.



Special thanks to Merv for stepping in the cover the front door and to Roger Hill who helped James out in the Kitchen.


Lastly, special thanks to George Pope, Ray Parr, James Matthews and Tom Hurst for this week’s club shots. Don’t forget – we love you to send your images in for the Newsletter so that we can make it as interesting as possible for you.