Newsletter #105 – DAMIEN LOVEGROVE


I was going to start this newsletter to say what a privilege it was to introduce Damien to the Sedgemoor Camera Club as he is a huge name in the photographic industry… but things didn’t go quite to plan and Tom had to introduce him as I had to wiz off to sort a backdrop.

Damien stated that great portraiture photography was less about having the best camera, and more about the light.

He then started with a single light set up and gave plenty of good tips…..

Before moving on to a two light setup and using the house lights as a background fill and much more.

Damien emphasized that by controlling the light and doing interesting and unusual things with the light will set you apart from the majority of photographers out there and this formula has been responsible for his incredible career.

Throughout the evening Damien took multiple shots on his variety of Fuji cameras and even handed them around so we, the audience, could see up close what he was achieving.

His unusually casual approach kept the evening energetic and vibrant and he couldn’t emphasize enough that with his mirrorless Fuji cameras, he could confidently set it to Aperture priority mode and simply point and shoot using the rear view screen to compose the image.

Jazz, our model for the evening, did an excellent job and easily delivered a variety of poses, many of which Damien himself demonstrated first, much to our amusement.

It wasn’t long before Damien produced a handful of fake palm leaves to introduce an interesting tropical feel to the image.

He also showed how the Hollywood style of lighting can be simple, but very effective like the use and positioning of the soft box and beauty dish. His Triflector reflector gave an interesting fill in light and sound effects.

He finished with a Q&A session and clearly demonstrated his passion as a photographer and his openness at sharing what he has learnt over the years.

I was overwhelmed by your comments on how much you enjoyed the night. I have passed your comments on to Damien and thanked him for such a brilliant evening.

With the main event being such a success, we should not overlook that Tom arranged for us to view the images that had been selected for the DIPC competition, as well as taking in images for the next critique night on January 25th.

So once again, we would like to thank Damien and Jazz for such an entertaining evening….. to Tom for his part, and to Sharon for standing in on the door. I also hope Mo enjoyed his night off from his table. Finally, thanks to George Pope, Thomas MacRae, James Matthews, Mo, Mike Basham and Roger Hill for all of the pics that were sent in this week.

What a great evening!