Newsletter #106 – EEGM



This, sadly, turned out to be the last club meeting in the place that saw the birth of the Sedgemoor Camera Club back in 2014. We can look back with pride at our time at St Georges Parish Centre and be content in the knowledge that we have enjoyed many good times there, making countless friends along the way.


Last weeks evening starting with the news of the unfortunate situation we found ourselves in, and the option to visit a possible new venue for the club in way of a solution.

Members journeyed in their droves to check out the new venue known as ‘ALIVE’ over in Salmon Parade, before heading back to examine our options in a General Meeting and make a decision on the clubs future.

After much discussion, there was a surprisingly unanimous vote to move venue at this time…. followed by a majority vote for the relocation to be a permanent one but I guess only time will tell.


The good news is that from a potentially bad situation we now have a fantastic and exciting opportunity to grow our club, and I would like to thank our member, Brian B for finding us this wonderful new venue.

You can find details of the new venue location in the next article below and I look forward to seeing you all in our new home this coming Wednesday.