Newsletter #109 – MEMBER’S NIGHT



Our ‘Members Nights’ are known for being jam packed with things you wanted to do, and this was no exception. The evening covered the use of filters in black & white photography, macro photography and if that wasn’t enough, a session in the basics of camera controls and photographic practices.

Tom started the evening with a presentation on how to create traditional filter effects on your black and white images.

He used good visual examples to back up the technical explanations, I think I heard him say he was not too happy with the in camera effects and showed us how different software packages fared.

Next you had a choice of Macro photography of which most of you participated, and Camera & Photography Fundamentals.


For the macro, I gave a very short intro and some tips pointing out the shallow depth of field that comes with macro photography. You all had plenty of options to experiment with, from different forms of lighting, to various backgrounds and equipment to use.


Some used close-up screw on filters whilst some used the unconventional reversing rings which are ideal for low budget setups.

Many of you used dedicated macro lenses that you brought in or the macro range of your fixed lens.

But the most popular method was the use of extension tubes which converted your normal lenses in to dedicated macro lenses.


Ken led the group on the basics of photography and camera settings and out of this, we have had requests for more so we are working on it.


Thanks to everyone who sent in images this week.