Newsletter #111 – COMPETITION – ‘AT WORK’



The moment I spoke to Peter Ottley and I knew he was just right for our club. He came across not only as a truly caring photographer who want to share his experiences and help other photographers, but also a judge that was truly aware of the subjective nature of judging and that because he sees something a particular way doesn’t make it right or wrong. That is such an important thing to remember throughout any experience where your images are judged. He has a relaxed way of’ getting his message across and was a joy to work with during the preparation of the event, pitching in wherever needed. It was such a relaxed and informative evening. Thanks Peter.


Peter’s work is respected both in the UK and abroad. He still manages to maintain his interest with his local Camera club and be a photographic judge, with a particular interest in photographing birds.


He had great critique for each and every image and soon got through the DIGITAL entries. Here are the ones he scored the highest:


Highly Commended –  Maurice Hunt – The Grinder
Highly Commended – Thomas Macrae – Catch Landing
3rd – Dave Bawden – The Welder
2nd – Mervyn Jones – The Sawer
1st – Dave Bawden – Animal

New Peter continued with the PRINT entries. I am glad this time we improved on the process so that you could all view the prints first and then see them in the stand AND projected on the screen.

The question about should the mount of a print be considered by the judging when scoring, seems to vary from judge to judge, so I feel we (the Club) should in future ask the judge their stance on this, and then make it clear to you what is being judged.

Here are results of the PRINT section:




3rd George Pope – Recording the Past
2nd George Pope – History in the Making
1st Sheila Dwyer – News report

Peter ended the night by showing us some of his work that got what might seem like odd comments from some Judges. It’s always good to know that even photographers at judging level can fall foul of other judges that just want that extra bit of head you cut off or that slightly distracting bush trimmed back. The evening was informative, rewarding and humorous so once again, well done Peter, and thanks for all the effort you put in.

Our next Competition Night on April 5th has the theme of ‘PATTERNS’ – so there is plenty of time to think of something for that one. I hope more of you feel confident enough to enter so that you can benefit from this valuable feedback.

In the midst of all this, Mo was back with his table (good to see you Mo) and you had the chance to take some interesting photos.