Duncan started the evening with a presentation on Lightroom and Elements showing us their differences and some of their pros and cons.

He also covered the resizing and renaming of images to coincide with a recent push to demystify these processes using different software which, as it so happens, Ian has also added to our HOW TO page on our website.

After this, you had a choice between ONE TO ONE guidance on software OR a practical using Light Tents in the main foyer.

Many of you had a go at the Light Tents where we had over 10 set-ups ranging from bouncing the light around inside the tent, to shining the light in through the tent. None of the lights used cost more than £20, but we did have some homemade ones, and Mo’s table was a good example of this.

You were able to create your own set-ups too from the lights and backgrounds and subjects I left out. You can see from the images that we got some very good results.

Well done to the guys in the kitchen as it was reportedly running much smoother. Once again, we had a few more members joining, so a big welcome to them. Thanks to John Roberts, George Pope, and Geoff Pople for this week’s images.

NOTICE: Our old projection screen is now redundant and in need of a new home. If anyone has any suggestions, please put it forward for consideration.

Thanks for another great evening.