Newsletter #119 – STOPPED BY THE BELL

At 6.45pm., I was chatting with the fireman and all was under control for our visit.  Within half an hour things changed rapidly. Due to the number of emergency calls, our visit had to be cancelled. This to me only demonstrates what a good job the fire service do in fast changing and hostile environments. I could tell this was a disappointment to you, and we are going re-book the visit.  For those of you who had attended this meeting, you will not have to pay next week as recognition of this.


The show must go on! Poor John S was bombarded with images. Brian Withers showed us some old and interesting photographs of Bridgwater. Working out where the photos had been taken sometimes test our knowledge of Bridgwater, and it was good to hear your comments. A lot of these old images were taken when photography was in its infancy.  I was impressed with the composition and low angles of some of them.

We had an early tea/coffee break with members engaging in informal chat and advice, and it’s good to see this interaction growing. I did notice a lack of name badges on some people. If you need a name badge, please see Shaun on the booking-in desk and he will sort one out for you.


George started the second half of the meeting with some of his excellent images taken throughout the clubs’ short but interesting history. He highlighted the range of activities the club had put on and the enjoyment and friendship that had developed. Well done George.


Talking of relationships, you will be pleased to know we reunited Annie with her coat!


Kate concluded the proceedings with what I think you will agree was a very interesting talk about her photo journalism work. Kates’ images have sold worldwide, and have often appeared on the front cover of many top newspapers. The images she showed us all had a story behind them, and she explained the elements that took priority over others to make a good press photo.


Your interest in Kate’s work was shown by what I felt was the most diverse and longest Q & A session we have experienced at the club. It was good to see some of our most experienced photographers keen to find out more. Questions on the legal restraints of Kate’s work included copyright legislation issues, how she accessed sensitive locations, and what equipment/software she used and why.


As with many photographers that have given a talk to the club, there is a lot of planning & post shooting work involved. Keeping the work commercially viable can be a difficult balancing act at the best of times. Kate is one of our newcomers to the club, and she did us all proud. It begs the question of how much more talent we have amongst the club members that we are unaware off. If you want to share your photographic experiences, please do let us know as it is a great way for the membership to learn and build up relationships. A massive thanks Kate.


A big well done to all of you stepped in literally at the last minute and made such a good night.