This evening was organised by Ian Durston, who has always been a big fan of any form of CREATIVE photography and the use of editing software to take your images further. He started by showing a short video he had produced on a new branch of Creative Photography called ‘Cinemagraphs’.



I think I’m right in saying that Cinemagraphs are still photos with areas of movement in them.



Next, Ian introduced one of our own members, Dan Cooke, who then showed us some of his work as a Creative Photographer.



Dan is a highly skilled photographer who has learnt to edit his images so that they end up being works of art. His vision and talent are exceptional, and we are so lucky to have members like him in the club who are willing to share and guide others.



Dan made such an impact on our membership that he was asked to do a longer talk in the future so he can tell us a lot more about his work. One member, Brian Bateman even went away and had a go at Dan’s merging of old and new photos. What a great result Brian!


Dan can also take great pride that Vicki praised his work highly and said she also learnt something from it.





The main event was a presentation by award winning Creative Photographer Vicki-Lea Boulter.  All I can say is WOW! What amazing work! Vicki’s Mum should be proud, and I cannot emphasise enough how fortunate we were that Vicki agreed to talk to us about her amazing practice.


Originally from an artistic background, Vicki went on to do a Photography degree and then merged her skills as an artist using Photoshop to create such fantastic images.

As someone who has no experience using Photoshop, and little knowledge of how these images are created, I actually found it a joy to listen to Vicki. Her explanations were so simple and easy that even I could understand.

Vicki’s showed us step by step through the process of creating one of her images and her live demonstration she gave about editing techniques and creating custom brushes was outstanding. I could see all of the audience were mesmerised.


Vicki explained that she talks to her clients throughout the initial photoshoot to discover more about them, taking notes and sketches to use later in the editing phase to create elements in the final photo that conveys the persons’ character and mood.

One of our members mentioned they have seen tens of thousands of images, but one of Vicki’s shown during her presentation was the most powerful they have ever seen, and had instant and deep impact on them.


Another member picked up on the image Vicki was asked to do relating to a lady who suffered from a very painful illness called Endometriosis. They thought it was incredible how perfect Vicki’s image was at conveying the awful aspects of the illness.

Vicki is also moving her photography in different directions and her recent animal photo collection was unique, clever, inspiring and effective – a signature of her work. I am pleased to say we hope to work with Vicki again in different ways in the future.

During the break, Mo put on his table as usual, but he revealed that he now finds it little too much to continue. So we need someone to either step in to his role or start to think of alternatives. Perhaps with more varied challenges and maybe a members’ table?

Also during the break, which had a noticeable creative buzz, you had the chance to view some of Vicki’s work in printed and mounted photos. They exhibited pure quality and it was a joy to see and handle them. (I expect the paper was Permajet).

A big thanks to Ian for putting the event together, and once again to Dan Cooke and Vicki-Lea Boulter for such a Creative evening. So many of us left truly inspired!


Ian has included some links to Vicki’s web site that I hope you will benefit from.