Newsletter #122 – PORTRAITURE NIGHT


This event was requested by you; the members, and you indicated you wanted something for everyone irrespective of experience or type of camera. I hope your expectations were surpassed. Our last big portrait shoot was tightly managed. Some of you wanted more flexibility so hopefully, this event gave that flexibility.


The lighting, backdrop and model was left for you (as a working group) to select. I did state many times that no more than two photographers were to take pictures at the same time in order to respect each other’s efforts. While there was a lot of group activity, this request was not adhered to, which is a pity, because the rule was there to help everyone get the most from the night.


You will see from the included images how you did work together and achieved some stunning results. We had twice the number of models than the last model shoot, and more varied selection of models. For the first time on a model shoot, we had the opportunity to photograph in daylight and use fill flash.


The American policeman and his sheriff’s car where a main attraction outside, which provided many challenges, as you can see from these images. We booked both halls for the first time, giving us the space to have more set ups, which provided additional and varied lighting opportunities.


We had plenty of normal portrait lighting set ups, and the opportunity to use the stairs for alternative camera positions, which some members used to find unusual and varied shots. Sharon was at home with the lights and reflectors, and assisted many of you.


Lawrence shared his experience and equipment to help you produce some stunning portraits. Duncan was giving advice in his cool relaxed way. Graham and Dave experimented with the lighting as you would expect from them. It was good to see Mo being centre stage and lapping it up. Good on you Mo. I purposely did not ask members who have lent their equipment and time in the past, as I felt they should have the chance this time to get behind the camera.


James joined in with the fun element; I take my hat off to you. I must praise the models who put up with us. They all helped to make this crazy night a good event for all of us. Many of them have thanked us already.


The only point they did bring to my attention is photographers should not move their arms into position. They can move them on their own! Thomas again came up trumps with his lighting set-up. I let him have a free hand and he made the most of it, with some varied back drops and lighting. I know so many of you liked the extra space that the Alive venue provides, as you feel you can chat in a group or seek advice without being in the way of other photographers.


I will let your images tell their own stories. There are so many of you like Shaun to thank I hope I have not missed any of you out. Thanks to everyone that helped on the night.


Note from the Editor: On behalf of the members, I would like to thank Tim for putting on this evening. All his hard work and efforts in bringing in so much equipment is greatly appreciated by everyone.