Newsletter #124 – OUTDOOR MACRO

After the joys of two big practical sessions, we had to come down to earth with a bump. The first part of the evening was a chance for you to air your views on the clubs’ current performance and ways to improve it in the future. The second part was a short presentation by Tom on macro photography, so allowing some time to get your cameras out and give it a try.

The relaxed open discussion gave a chance for you to express an opinion on the club, what it offers, and how it’s run. I was particularly pleased that some newcomers had the courage to speak out. It seems that the biggest obstacle that we have at the moment is a lack of man power, going back for over a year now, and this needs to be addressed. We need to manage the hall better to take full advantage of the facilities that we have.


We were praised by newcomers on our friendly welcome, but they also felt that they needed more assistance in getting to grips with their camera and the basics of photography.

The subject of trips out (not on club nights) came up, but when we had tried them previously, we only had a handful of people attending, and the extra time needed in arranging them means we can’t do them as a club event.  We do encourage members to arrange these themselves and we will highlight them within the club. If someone wants to arrange a coach trip, then let me know, as last year it was high on a list of things you wanted from the club.


It was mentioned that some new members had joined when we moved to Alive but they had not returned.  It was a shame that the change in location coincided with some similar events that took place indoors, so they didn’t see the club running in its normal format. We didn’t want to promote the new venue until we were sure that we could cope with this influx.   Despite this, the membership and attendance is increasing beyond expectation. With the extra space, we need to work out if we should open the club up to non-members, and what pricing strategy to offer.  Should we be inviting members from other clubs on some nights?

The critique nights are still going, though changes that I hope will make them more interesting and valuable to you.  Likewise, we have looked at ways to display prints in a way that does them justice, but have not found the right one yet – any thoughts?

I would like to point out that we do these feedback nights about once a year, and they are invaluable to us and a necessity to make the club representative of its members.

Tom followed this up with a presentation showing an interesting range of outdoor macro shots using a variety of photographic techniques and equipment.

Due to the light deteriorating, he whizzed though this more quickly than planned, but still managed to cover many points and to explain how they were used in achieving the images shown. Thanks again, Tom, for another well put together presentation.


As you can see, some of you did get some results with macro, whilst others stayed inside and had a good chat, and answered a few questions, too. Thanks to all who entered images this week. Great job!