Newsletter #125 – CAMERA SETTINGS

We have covered basic camera settings and photography many times before, but I wanted to approach it differently this time. By introducing a practical as the centre piece, it gave a purpose and encouraged open discussions. To me, this session represented what the club is all about; enjoying and sharing your photography with others in a friendly environment.

I decided to change the format of the evening at the last minute, to put a practical twist to it as it is easier to understand your camera and photography by using your camera. This is something Graham quite rightly drummed into us, and it worked a treat. The idea was to get photographers who use a particular brand together and share their experiences, and then by using their cameras could try out the advice.


Tom had an ever-growing relaxed informal Nikon group, and I could hear many tips being exchanged. Tom has produced a quick guide as a memory jogger, again a nice touch Tom. There was some one-to-one advice being given, and as the Sony group consisted of two people, I could not determine if it was a group or a one-to-one. Seriously Dave, a big thanks.



The hall was full of objects that tested your skills as you can see, and needed some thought to achieve the results you wanted. We didn’t have the scrums like before and a respect for each other was apparent. I must say I did, by mistake, get in the way of one of you and apologise as I blocked the view.


Many of you said how much you enjoyed the evening, and I am pleased it worked for you. The success of the night was down to you engaging in the session and responding in a way you can be proud off.