Newsletter #126 – ‘LONG LENSES’ & ‘EXPOSURE CONTROL’

This evenings’ subject was long (telephoto) lenses. Following the talks and demonstrations, there were lots of small working groups and subject tables to keep everyone busy.


We started with a presentation by Dave Daggar, who many of you know is an experienced photographer. His images had a pin sharp almost 3D look. It is his understanding of the subject that allowed him capture the moment. The use of long telephoto lenses helped add impact and/or allowed him to capture something from a distance that he would have missed with a normal kit lens.

Dave has not long been with our club and I know we are a fun-loving club and it is good we can attract photographers of his caliber that are prepared to share their knowledge at club evenings. Thanks Dave.

Someone who started photography before they invented light is George Pope 😉. The quality of his images and his vision to see a photo opportunity, mixed with the skill to make the most of the situation is a truly amazing blend.  George has made the switch to mirror-less cameras, and finds the size and weight saving a tremendous benefit, with the added facility of in-camera editing. Well done George on presenting some thrilling images for us.

I am not into long/telephoto lenses.  However, I came across a bridge camera that has a 60x zoom. If you are new to photography, then these enormous magnification lenses will seem normal. But in my day, a 2x lens was the rage, and if it was 3x you were in the elite club. I am glad you liked my wildlife images.

I followed this with a demonstration on how exposure can alter the look of the image. I would like to thank Brian Withers for helping me show you how to make things disappear.

After the tea/coffee break, you had the opportunity to try using long lenses on the subjects set up the tables, as well as trying out different exposure compensation settings.

Tom did PART 2 of his Nikon group talk, and again, this went down well. Thanks Tom.

I should thank John Dolling who set up his big telephoto lens for us to see and compare.  Thanks John.

Duncan has arranged a visit for some of you to photograph some radio-controlled aircraft at Westonzoyland airfield this week. He ran through the arrangements and some safety advice for our visit.

Finally, but very importantly, nominations for Club Roles and Rules Changes were invited to write in the book. Nominations were closed at the end of the meeting.

The proposed changes are very slight from as is. Nominations for club posts include: Les Pickersgill or Jo Parsons for Liaison Officer, Thomas Macrae as Programme Secretary and George Pope as Vice Chairman.

Some of you did offer your help with the club, but I feel we do need a few more volunteers so we can maintain our future programme and take the club forward for you.