This was going to be a two-event outing but according to the local publican it turned out to be three!


The main event was a visit to Westonzoyland Pumping Station. This was meant to have a social element to it, and apart from Grahams camera that threw a tantrum, it was. Graham has told me that after a good telling off his camera seems to be working as you would expect.


The vast range of photographic opportunities seemed endless with some interesting items and lighting. Some of the out buildings were an Aladdin’s cave for us. There was an abundance of old abandoned machinery that nature was reclaiming.

Also, there was the chance to photograph some of the engines working. James enthusiastically took to the free train rides. This certainly gave a fun element to the evening and was much appreciated.

The tea room seemed to be occupied all the time with people eager to share their experiences. Again, we arranged free tea or coffee and biscuits, all served in a very relaxing atmosphere. The staff deserved the applause at the end of the evening.

At first there was a slight lack of members due to Duncan kindly offering to take a small group the local air field to photograph radio controlled model aircraft. As the evening wore on, some members took the opportunity to visit the pumping station as well. I would like to thank him and let him explain what they got up to.

From the images sent in you can see this was a success and would like to thank Alison Donnellan, Merv Jones, Thomas MacRae, George Pope, Brian Leonard and Duncan MacGregor for sending them in, as they show us all what an enjoyable evening with lots to do and so many happy faces.



The weather for our visit to Westonzoyland airfield could not have been better; blue skies and light winds. Although the number of pilots present was a little disappointing, we had plenty of model aircraft to photograph both on the ground, and in the air.  This was a chance to try out those long lenses using fast shutter speeds and continuous focus tracking.



Mo seemed more interested in shooting the straw bales (they didn’t fly).  Oh well, each to his own!


There was one spectacular and expensive crash, but not sure if anyone managed to capture the moment.


Later in the evening, I had the chance to take the controls of an aircraft.  After a break of over 10 years from flying, it was similar to riding a bike.  Once you can do it, you don’t forget.


If anyone has good photos that they would like me to pass onto the Sedgemoor RC Flying Club, please email them to me at  They need some fresh images for their web site.