Newsletter #128 – THE AGM 2017


It was good to see a good turnout of members for the AGM. That indicates your respect for the Club and the way it is run. This was followed with some outdoor group shot tips.


I feel I should start by highlighting what a good year it has been for the Club, despite many unpredictable hurdles we faced.

The Club membership and weekly attendance has grown along with the bank balance. I expected both of those to fall due to all the changes. More important to me, we have retained the atmosphere we all enjoy so much.

We all should thank those members who lend a hand in the running of the Club, as many have been overloaded with work. In the forthcoming year, we need to share that work load more evenly. With more helpers, we can maintain what we are currently doing and will give us the ability to react to the direction you want the Club to go in. There are many small tasks that need doing, like looking after the loan table, or putting the vacuum cleaner around when needed at the end of the evening. We need to make it easier for you to help us setting up and putting things away. I will be asking the people involved in running meetings what help they need so a list of helpers can be draw up. If you would like to lend a hand, or have a skill that could help the club, please let me know.


It would seem that many people join the Club in order to better understand their cameras, so more one-to-one or small group activities would be possible with some extra help.

Perhaps we could look in to why people leave the club, or do not join and make adjustments to the meetings if needed.

Nominations for the new committee were announced, and all posts were uncontested. Each nomination was put to a vote, with each achieving a very large majority. Thanks for re-electing me as Chairman.  Something I did not expect, as I have not achieved all I set out to and I have made mistakes on the way, but with all that was going on, this was unavoidable.

The New Committee


Chairman:  Tim Grimes

Vice Chairman:  George Pope

Secretary:  John Saunders

Webmaster: Ian Durston

Treasurer: Shaun Regan

Programme Secretary:  Thomas Macrae

Liaison Officer: Jo Parsons

Club Officers (non-committee)


Digital Officer:  Brian Comer

Image Secretary:  John Saunders

Catering Manager:  James Mathews

Publicity/Recruitment Officer:  Vacant Position

I am looking forward to working with everyone for the good of the Club at this exciting time.

A couple of other proposals were discussed:  The membership decided to remain using Alive for our meetings rather than returning to Wembdon Village Hall.  There was also a lengthy discussion about opening up meetings that involved external speakers to other clubs and/or the public in general.  Many members expressed the opinion that since we had many empty seats at meetings, we could consider this option.  The committee will look at the best way of doing this.

After the AGM, we had our tea break and a lot of you wanted show your support for me and the Club. Many of you were talking between yourselves about events and the way forward.

Photographically speaking, there was the chance to take outside group shots with tips on the arrangement of groups and how these change depending on the subject and purpose. Choosing the right location, camera angle, background and lighting is important and tips were put in to practice. The use of fill-in flash and the benefits of having a camera that allows flash photography at fast speeds like 1//500th of a second explained. Thanks to George Pope and Annie Brownsey for sending in their images.

This meeting was another free night as the AGM takes priority over any other event. Most of you seemed to have enjoyed it and agreed what a difficult but a good year it was.

There have been many changes in the past year, often as a reaction to circumstances. People that know me well, know I don’t like rapid changes with a high-risk factor. The year ahead will need some slight changes and these will be carefully considered.  Outcomes will always will be in the best interest of the club and its members.

Thanks for your support –   Tim