Newsletter #129 – THE 3RD ANNUAL AWARDS

The Awards Night is the Clubs’ way of acknowledging and respecting what some of you have done for the Club during the past year. We hoped to do this in a light-hearted way whilst retaining respect for the recipients.   We started the evening with ‘The Carol Wewerka Award’.  This award is dedicated to the […]

Newsletter #128 – THE AGM 2017

  It was good to see a good turnout of members for the AGM. That indicates your respect for the Club and the way it is run. This was followed with some outdoor group shot tips.   I feel I should start by highlighting what a good year it has been for the Club, despite […]


This was going to be a two-event outing but according to the local publican it turned out to be three!   The main event was a visit to Westonzoyland Pumping Station. This was meant to have a social element to it, and apart from Grahams camera that threw a tantrum, it was. Graham has told […]

Newsletter #125 – CAMERA SETTINGS

We have covered basic camera settings and photography many times before, but I wanted to approach it differently this time. By introducing a practical as the centre piece, it gave a purpose and encouraged open discussions. To me, this session represented what the club is all about; enjoying and sharing your photography with others in […]

Newsletter #124 – OUTDOOR MACRO

After the joys of two big practical sessions, we had to come down to earth with a bump. The first part of the evening was a chance for you to air your views on the clubs’ current performance and ways to improve it in the future. The second part was a short presentation by Tom […]

Newsletter #123 – BLACKMORE FARM

  This what I call the ‘season of practical’s’, and following on from the popular portrait night, we wanted to offer something different with both indoor and outdoor photographic possibilities, and with the opportunity to mix socially. Blackmore Farm fitted the bill and came up trumps.   The weather during the day did try to […]

Newsletter #122 – PORTRAITURE NIGHT

  This event was requested by you; the members, and you indicated you wanted something for everyone irrespective of experience or type of camera. I hope your expectations were surpassed. Our last big portrait shoot was tightly managed. Some of you wanted more flexibility so hopefully, this event gave that flexibility.   The lighting, backdrop […]


WITH VICKI LEA BOULTER & DAN COOKE   This evening was organised by Ian Durston, who has always been a big fan of any form of CREATIVE photography and the use of editing software to take your images further. He started by showing a short video he had produced on a new branch of Creative […]

Newsletter #120 – CRITIQUE NIGHT

We started the evening by thanking the Fire Service for offering to show us around the previous week, and confirmed that we are going to see if we can rearrange the event. As we all know, Critique nights are an essential part of any creative development and so members have the chance for other photographers […]