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Newsletter #119 – STOPPED BY THE BELL

At 6.45pm., I was chatting with the fireman and all was under control for our visit.  Within half an hour things changed rapidly. Due to the number of emergency calls, our visit had to be cancelled. This to me only demonstrates what a good job the fire service do in fast changing and hostile environments. […]

Newsletter #118 – HAVE WE DEVELOPED?

This was a joint effort evening, and Tom started with a presentation on the advantages of using scene modes. He explained how these modes can change many characteristics of the image in one simple step. With the images that Tom had taken for this presentation, we could clearly see the (sometimes) subtle changes. The ease […]

Newsletter #117 – ‘PATTERNS’ COMPETITION

JUDGED BY VICTORIA HILLMAN   This Competition was Judged by Victoria Hillman; an experienced photographer who likes exploring different aspects of photography. Victoria draws on her wealth of experience and understanding to judge internal camera club competitions, such as this one. The theme for this competition was “Patterns”, and we had many diverse interpretations of […]


For last week’s session, I promised a plethora of options so everyone could have loads of fun and I hope we achieved this. Many of you tried out the many and varied photographic challenges presented during the evening. This was the largest practical we have put on and probably the most varied. You were encouraged […]


  Duncan started the evening with a presentation on Lightroom and Elements showing us their differences and some of their pros and cons. He also covered the resizing and renaming of images to coincide with a recent push to demystify these processes using different software which, as it so happens, Ian has also added to […]

Newsletter #114 – CRITIQUE NIGHT

  We all agree that critiquing is the most fundamental way of learning what makes a good photograph and how to develop your practice. Therefore our Critique Nights are one of the most valuable events in our programme. However I still think there is room to refine the process so that we not only get […]

Newsletter #113 – SPEAKER JOHN CRABB

‘ART & ADVENTURE OF WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY’ NO ANIMALS HAVE BEEN HARMED IN JOHN’S PHOTOGRAPHY 🙂 Some of you felt this was a good evening and thoroughly enjoyed it, but even more of you felt it was the best club night ever, being totally enjoyable and inspiring.     We encourage you to bring your cameras […]

Newsletter #112 – PORTRAITURE NIGHT

    Similar to the Close-up/macro practical evening, we had that buzz with lots of interaction and plenty to join in with. It was good that some of you did bring in and demonstrate your own lighting set-ups, so many thanks. Had I been aware of a good response in advance, we would have booked […]


  Jeff Searle, a true local lad and local legend. Also known for his love of our wonderful town, Bridgwater. As a photographer he has captured everything from Royals to ramblers, covering more local events than I have had hot dinners, and that’s A LOT! With most of his career focusing on weddings, we were […]