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Newsletter #109 – MEMBER’S NIGHT

FILTERING B&W – MARCO – CAMERA BASICS   Our ‘Members Nights’ are known for being jam packed with things you wanted to do, and this was no exception. The evening covered the use of filters in black & white photography, macro photography and if that wasn’t enough, a session in the basics of camera controls […]

Newsletter #108 – ROBERT HARVEY

LANDSCAPES FOR ALL SEASONS     This was our second week in the new venue, and the parking, heating and kitchen issues were sorted. From feedback it was clear these small adjustments were appreciated and I felt this was one of the smoothest evenings we have had in a while.   Ken started the evening […]

Newsletter #107 – CRITIQUE NIGHT

ALIVE & CLICKING!     Of all the events we could’ve had for our very first night in our new home, we had a Critique Night. These, both behind the scenes and on the night, are one of the most demanding evenings we run, and therefore may have emphasized a few teething issues. However, we […]

Newsletter #106 – EEGM

  AN EXCITING NEW VENUE This, sadly, turned out to be the last club meeting in the place that saw the birth of the Sedgemoor Camera Club back in 2014. We can look back with pride at our time at St Georges Parish Centre and be content in the knowledge that we have enjoyed many […]

Newsletter #105 – DAMIEN LOVEGROVE

AN EVENING ON PORTRAITURE I was going to start this newsletter to say what a privilege it was to introduce Damien to the Sedgemoor Camera Club as he is a huge name in the photographic industry… but things didn’t go quite to plan and Tom had to introduce him as I had to wiz off […]

Newsletter #104 – WELCOME BACK

    And what a great start to the New Year with over 50 of you in attendance complete with a number few new faces. Welcome! This year continues with an interesting and varied programme for you all to enjoy. We can’t wait until the new hall is built with its new facilities so that […]

Newsletter #103 – HAPPY 2017

  Hi I hope you had a good Christmas break and enjoyed this festive time, I know I did. I trust you fiddled with your cameras and took some festive shots. There is plenty on offer in 2017, with a vast array of events on offer. I am excited about this years Programme as it […]

Newsletter #102 – THE CHRISTMAS BASH

  From everyone I’ve spoken to, you all had a great time and that the food was lovely, with an atmosphere to match. I have passed on your praise, and a tip, to the staff at the Admirals Landing.   Tom organised the evening, along with the help of a few other members like Brian […]