About Us

Tim Grimes – Chairman

I am Tim, and I am passionate about photography, the photographic trade and I enjoy inspiring others off all abilities to enjoy their photography. I am known for the ability to train and motivate my staff to a point of self motivation. Being more interested in how and why a photo was taken more than what it was taken with, I have been fortunate to work with some interesting, skilful and experienced people using equipment from 10×8 plate cameras (that does date me) to 35mm film cameras, and now of course, I use mainly digital cameras.

My career has taken me though the retail, wholesale and manufacturing side of the photographic trade as well commercial photography and printing having worked with Alan JESSOPS himself, and being part of the team, spearheaded by Derek Gardener, responsible for introducing cameras and photographic equipment to stores such as Harrods, Selfridge’s, House of Fraser and Debenhams. As a photographer, I am still learning, and enjoy it most when doing it with others. I particularly enjoyed the community spirit that I instantly found with this friendly hand’s on club. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of it.

Shaun Regan – Treasurer

Hello, to all members and potential new members looking at our website. Like everyone else at some stage of their photographic life I am at the very beginning of what seems a steep learning curve. New technology and terminology mixed with the enjoyment of learning new ideas and skills will be great fun. I know that with so many experienced and willing people to help I’m sure that I’ll be clicking away either at the club or out and about with new friends.

At present I have no particular field of interest or direction I wish my photography to head, but I am going to try all to see what piques my curiosity. My aim is to learn how to be a better photographer and how to compose and take better pictures whilst having a great time doing so.

Jo Parsons – Liaison Officer

Since a teenage I’ve always taken photographs but with the standard compact then digital compact, but it wasn’t until Family Research took me off to the Record Office and I found that digital compact just couldn’t handle large documents, that I decided to invest in a DSRL camera which came with two kit lenses.  I was hooked.

My main interest is wildlife photography, but I also enjoy experimenting with all sorts from landscapes, light painting or even just finding a twist to taking a photograph of an ordinary object.

John Saunders – Image Secretary

My interest in photography started whilst still at school, primarily film processing and contact printing for friends and family. I didn’t own a camera, the family camera was an Ensign Ful-vue so this became my mainstay until I was given a Kodak Brownie Twin 20 for my birthday. I managed to build several enlargers from old bellows cameras bought at jumble sales and after years of saving my pocket money, I managed to buy an SLR, a Praktica Nova 1 and a Weston Master 5 exposure meter.  Colour processing and printing then quickly followed and many, many years later, joy of joy, my greatest wish to have a permanent darkroom was realised, but that didn’t last very long as digital cameras were already on the scene and I eventually succumbed and bought into the digital SLR club.

I presently use Canon equipment, with an ever increasing interest in the latest mirror-less cameras. Subjects I enjoy and attempt to photograph well are landscape, candid and portraiture, although mastered none as yet!

I enjoy being a member of the Sedgemoor Camera Club, my photographic ‘journey’ being inspired and influenced by its members, they are such a great bunch.

Duncan MacGregor – Secretary

My interest in photography started when I was 8 or 9, with a cheap plastic Kodak film camera.  In my late teens, I progressed to my first film SLR camera; a Zenith, which was completely manual, so I had to learn how to use a light meter.  I used the camera mainly at motor racing events, as well as photographing friends and family.

Later, I progressed to a Canon film SLR.  At last, a camera with built-in light metering.  As well as prints, colour slides were my preferred format at that time.

Fast wind to the last ten years, I began teaching digital photography and editing at a basic and intermediate level to classes of adults.  It was then that I acquired my first digital SLR camera, with several lenses.  Recently, I am a convert to mirrorless cameras for their size and weight saving.

Being a club secretary is not new to me; I had previously been secretary of another hobby club for over 25 years.

My current main interests in photography are landscape, portrait and action photography, regularly using Photoshop and Lightroom to edit my photos.  I am keen to help others to understand their cameras and improve their photography.