Competition Rules

Competitions are an important means of assessing the progress of a photographer’s work. They must offer a fair assessment of each individual member’s work by a competent judge who is allowed to carry out the task without bias or interruption. It is an important principle that images should be judged on merit and that the author of an image should not be identified to the judge during the judging process. Competitors should bear in mind that external judges will have a subjective as well as an objective view of an image. Their comments are meant to be helpful but they have a difficult task to both critique and award points. They are not infallible but do their best. Here at the SCC our competitions are what we call ‘External’ competitions. What exactly does this mean?
Simply put, our competitions are judged by an ‘external’ independent judge who is qualified to do so.

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Whilst every effort is made to ensure safe handling of all images submitted for competitions, Sedgemoor Camera Club accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur. It is a condition of entering that members acknowledge that the value of their entry is no higher than the replacement cost of its materials.